Velma Whitman

Velma Whitman was an actor on stage and in silent films before 1920. She appeared in many films produced by the Lublin Manufacturing Company. She moved out to California in the early 1910s and for a time lived with her brother Fred who was also an actor. There are still a lot of questions about her life story but her birth and death are confirmed. Born in Hancock county. Lived in Findlay as a child.

(b. 1885 – d. 1937: film actor)

Editor’s Note: Like a lot of entertainers back in the beginning of the 20th century, information on Velma was hard to come by. Some the information in the obituary omits facts or is wrong. Velma didn’t marry a Fred Whitman. Whitman appears to be a stage name used by Velma and her brother Fred. She married several times during her adult life but none of the men were named Fred Whitman. Also the obit says her body was laid to rest next to her mother in Kansas City but her death certificate says she was cremated – the ashes might have been buried next to her mother. Her mother married a man named Frank Underwood in Toledo in 1899 and young Velma lived there when she was 14. Lewis Barger was either dead or had abandoned the family. Rosa’s marriage license said she was divorced.

If you have any additional information about Velma or her family please let me know.

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