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Where is [name of person]?

As mentioned on our About page, this is a work in progress. We don’t know everything or about all the people who should be included. 90% of the information here was provided by people interested in this project. The most important requirement to be included is that the information the person was born or lived in Findlay and Hancock county must be verified either through records like the Federal census or information given in previous media interviews or freely available on reputable websites.

If you know your Aunt Mabel is famous and should be included here then please send us the information and a way to prove the fact. Sometimes, legend is just that – a legend. The editor will take the time to vet the information and post the person on this site if the information checks out.

Believe it our not, but we have a couple of people we would like to include but we haven’t been able to verify they should be included.

Your information about [name of person] is wrong…

Great! We are always open to new information or suggestions for corrections or we might need to remove someone because the information was wrong. Just let us know using our contact form.

I don’t have any information to give you but can I still support the project?

Certainly! Share this website with your friends and family. Donate money to the cause to help pay for the hosting. We may have merchandise in the future, buy some merch to help out.

Also, you may not have direct information but maybe know someone who does, send them our way.