image of the Hancock county Medal of Honor marker

Medal Of Honor Recipients

Findlay and Hancock County has produced six Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients:

William Bensinger, 21st Ohio Infantry (1840-1918) buried in McComb, OH
John R. Porter, 21st Ohio Infantry (1838-1923) buried in McComb, OH
John Morehead Scott, 21st Ohio Infantry (1839-1862) (posthumous; was hanged as a spy by the Confederates) buried in The Chattanooga National Cemetery, TN

— all were part of Andrews’ Raid that occurred April 12, 1862, in northern Georgia. The mission was to steal a locomotive and do as much damage to a vital Confederate rail line between Chattanooga and Atlanta.

Wilson J Vance, 21st Ohio Infantry (Died 1911). At Stone River, Tenn., 31 December 1862.
William H Williams 82d Ohio Infantry. At Peach Tree Creek, Ga., 20 July 1864.

The sixth Donald Arthur Gary has his own page on this site.