James Findlay

James Findlay – namesake for the city of Findlay, OH

Served in an army, led by General Hull, that marched to Detroit at the start of the War of 1812. During the march, Findlay was ordered to erect a fort on the Blanchard River in Northwest Ohio. A stockade 50 yards square, with a blockhouse at each corner, was erected and named in his honor. The fort was used as a supply depot. Pioneers laid out the village of Findlay in 1821, near the site of the fort and the rest is history – as they say.

Findlay was born in Pennsylvania in 1770 and moved to Cincinnati in 1793 with his wife. He was a member of Ohio state house of representatives, 1803; mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1805-06, 1810-11; U.S. Representative from Ohio 1st District, 1825-33; candidate for Governor of Ohio, 1834.

The Findlay family donated land in Cincinnati that is used to house the popular Findlay Market today.

(b. 1770 – d. 1835: soldier, politician)

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